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Statistics by age


Driver age distribution

Under 30

30 - 60





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Our research turns up crashes (limited to commercial or public buildings, transit stops, public areas, and other non-residential structures) using anecdotal and media reports, court records, fire department run records, and published studies.  These are then analyzed for details such as to cause, age of driver, type of building, and other information, and are then added into our growing database. 

We add 250-300 crashes per month to the database. We provide custom reports using the data points requested. For more information please contact

Two items of particular note that need more data and more study:

1)  States with the highest numbers of licensed drivers over 65 also rank as the highest states for storefront crashes -- with Florida far and away leading the United States in number of crashes AND rate of crashes versus percentage of licensed drivers.  Even though California has 400,000 MORE licensed drivers than Florida, Florida's drivers crash into commercial buildings, businesses, and non-residential structures at a rate that is 70% HIGHER than drivers in California!  Our current estimate is that Florida accounts for as many as 17% of all such accidents nationally, and does so with just 10% of all licensed drivers. 


2)  According to our statistics, 19% of licensed drivers are having 45% of the accidents.  These figures represent the reported age of drivers (where an age was given) involved in storefront crashes who are over 60 years old.  This number is FAR higher than what is commonly assumed and is FAR higher than anything we have seen elsewhere.  MORE STUDY AND MORE ANALYSIS IS NEEDED -- please contact us for more information and how you can get involved.

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