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About the Storefront Safety Council

The Storefront Safety Council is comprised of volunteers from a variety of backgrounds who are passionate about ending vehicle-into-building crashes. Founding members include experts in perimeter security, parking, personal injury law, risk management, architecture and related professions and industries.

We are collaborating in order to.

  • Raise awareness about this very preventable problem

  • Explore prevention and protection strategies

  • Collect and analyze data and statistics

  • Educate key professionals and stakeholders

  • Document, test, and advocate for effective risk-reduction practices

  • Encourage applicable research and share best practices from related disciplines

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The Council is open to all input and encourages knowledgeable stakeholders to contribute suggestions and case study examples of effective solutions. We are currently forming a group of advisers who share our passion for this issues. Please e-mail Robert Reiter to get involved.



Mark Wright, Co-founder,
researched vehicle-into-building crashes and explored solutions after being hit by a car in 2008 that crashed through a 7-Eleven storefront.


Mark is a freelance writer and communication consultant based in Rockville, Maryland, creating content and strategy for a variety of clients in different industries.




mark [at]


Victor Manalo, Director became actively engaged in pedestrian safety in April 2014 after his mother-in-law was killed and his three children injured in a storefront crash in Buena Park, CA.
As an eleven-year elected member of the Artesia City Council, Victor facilitated the adoption of a pedestrian safety ordinance for new outdoor dining areas within the City of Artesia one year later.  His association with and knowledge of local governments has led to an increase in awareness about pedestrian safety issues among city elected officials, city staff, local law enforcement, school boards, architects, engineers, and planners across California.
Victor is a retired Associate Professor from the School of Social Work at California State University, Los Angeles.  His area of practice and research expertise in civic engagement at the local level resulted in numerous academic publications and professional presentations.  For over fifteen years, he taught graduate and undergraduate political practice, community organizing, administration of human service organizations, and research.



Rob Reiter, Co-founder
has become an expert in vehicle incursion accidents; how frequently they occur, their common causes, and the most frequent design or construction failures which lead to them.

In the last decade he has worked closely with people in government, industry, academia, and the military to understand the depth of the problem and the day-to-day cost in damages, lost productivity, medical costs, Worker’s Compensation claims, and so on. 

He has worked to design, test, manufacture, distribute, specify, and sell thousands of bollards, barriers, and pedestrian safety systems which are now protecting people and property on several continents.

A long-time veteran of the security barrier industry, Rob was motivated to focus on protecting pedestrians from vehicle incursions by the 2003 Santa Monica Farmer’s Market tragedy in California in which an 86-year-old driver mowed down dozens of people, killing 10 and injuring 63.

LinkedIn: Profile
Email: rob.reiter [at]
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