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About us

The objective of the Storefront Safety Initiative (SSI) is to provide free resources to those working to increase pedestrian safety where we eat, work, play & shop. We work with industry and government officials to educate and promote building codes. We are doing this by increasing the participation of business owners, property owners, developers, design professionals, and public servants. We believe that the implementation of common sense standards of care will help to prevent substantial injuries and loss of life. 

Who We Are

SSI was established by Storefront Safety Council (SSC) which works to prevent vehicle-into-building crashes by promoting best practices, educating professionals and stakeholders, documenting effective risk reduction strategies and facilitating local, municipal, and state legislation and ordinances. One of the most important efforts undertaken by the SSC is the collecting and reporting of unique data on private property and public access crashes involving commercial buildings, public buildings, public and private pedestrian paths of travel, pedestrian malls, transportation nodes, and many other areas where people eat, work, play and shop. 


The objectives of the SSI are to promote and provide the following resources at no charge:

  • Data on the frequency and causes of storefront crashes

  • Common causes and dangerous/hazardous practices or omissions

  • Common solutions, prevention strategies, and best practices

  • Recommendations for safer parking lots from our own and third-party experts

  • Vendor resources for approved safety barriers

  • Vendor resources for design and installation service providers

  • Resources on barrier footings, hardware, and layouts for end users and specifiers

  • Vendor resources for risk management service providers and property managers

  • Vendor resources for architects, engineers, ADA experts, specifiers, and inspectors

  • Sample ordinances and legislation for citizens and public servants

  • Listings and referrals to public and private organizations working with senior drivers

  • Information and resources for helping drivers with cognitive and other impairments

  • Individual attorneys and professional organizations in the legal fields


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