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7-Eleven Confirms To CBS: "An Ongoing Storefront Safety Initiative" To Prevent Storefront Crashes.

Updated: May 6, 2023

Rob Reiter, co-founder of the Storefront Safety Council, is interviewed and our Council accident data was used by CBS in their recent Inside Edition report on the frequency of storefront crashes at 7-Eleven and other convenience stores nationwide. A vehicle crashes into convenience stores more than 20 times every day in the US, and 7-Eleven has suffered an astonishing average of 1.3 crashes every single day. Earlier this year, the retailer agreed to pay a $91 million settlement in a tragic Illinois incident before it went to trial.

In a statement to Inside Edition, 7-Eleven says "safety is a top priority. They say while there are no nationwide bollard regulations, they have implemented an ongoing storefront safety initiative that will retrofit thousands of their stores with perimeter safety bollards."

Here is the full report from Inside Edition.


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