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Storefront Safety Improvements on the Rise: The Case of the New Fresh Market Store in Florida

Over the dozen years that we have been researching storefront crashes and issuing our findings, we have noticed over time an ever increasing percentage of new chain stores being built with better storefront protection in mind. Restaurants, convenience stores, and many (not all!) dollar stores are much better protected than they were even five years ago.

A case in point is this article announcing the opening of a new Fresh Market store in Florida last week -- the photo of the new location shows a row of bollards all across the frontage of the store. These bollards will keep employees and customers safe for many years to come!

It is rewarding to see store owners, property developers, and architects and specifiers taking note of the liability risk of storefront crashes, and implementing the available, affordable, and effective solutions that we and others have been calling out. Many thanks to everyone moving forward in the name of safety.


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